What's your Color?

The Ultimate Dry Shampoo

  • Hair and Scalp Health

  • Environmental Consciousness

  • Effective Oil Absorption

  • Color Variety for Seamless Blending

  • 100% Scentless
  • Pricing

    One bottle lasts you 6 months!! With Powder Baby you are getting 3x as much product for your money, and you deserve it!

  • Environmental Impact

    Powder Baby is better for the environment as we are a non-aerosol, non-chemical hair product-- now with 100% eco-friendly paper packaging. Trust us... your hair and the planet will thank you!

  • Ingredients

    Listed from most to least used: arrowroot starch, all natural clay powders, charcoal powder, food-grade diatomacious earth (less than 2%)


As a poor college student sick of choosing between quality and cost for dry shampoo, I finally decided it was time to stop compromising! That's when I designed Powder Baby- all natural dry shampoo made with all the best absorbent powders, clays, and starches to create this one of a kind hair care experience!

Stop Compromising and Join the Powder Baby Family!!